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Lobana Kler-Ro Ultra-D 16 oz.

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Part Number:Lobana Kler-Ro Ultra-D Gallon

Kler-ro Ultra-D is a multi-purpose cleaning and high level disinfectant detergent concentrate for use in ultrasonic cleaners, automated cleaning systems, presoak and manual cleaning systems all in one bottle. With a superior formulation, surface tension is reduced to the lowest levels available allowing for the solution to more readily soak into pores, soiled areas and spread out over the cell walls of bacteria making for a more effective cleaning and disinfection solution. Kler-ro Ultra-D is safe and effective in cleaning and disinfecting glassware, instruments, and rubber, plastic and metal components.

Benefits & Uses:

  • Cleaner, Disinfectant, Detergent, Deodorizer, Fungicide, Mildewstat and Virucide.
  • 10 minute kill-time.
  • Effective against:
    • Avian Influenza A Virus
    • Influenza A
    • Staphylococcus aureus
    • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    • Salmonella choleraesuis
    • and much more
  • Use in Ultrasonic and automated cleaning systems.
  • Use in Presoak or manual cleaning systems.
  • Use to disinfect any hard, non-porous surfaces such as floors, tables & chairs, sinks and countertops, telephones, instrument trays, etc.
  • General disinfectant mix 2oz per gallon.
  • Hospital disinfectant mix 3oz per gallon.
  • Designed for hospital, medical, dental and veterinary facilities.
  • Superior cleaning power.
  • EPA Registered.

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