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DNA Supreme Probiotics (60 Capsules)
DNA Supreme Probiotics (60 Capsules)

DNA Supreme Probiotics (60 Capsules)

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SUPREME PROBIOTICS | Supports a Healthy GI Tract
by Dynamic Nutritional Associates (DNA Labs)

Designed to Support the Many Health Benefits of Your Gastrointestinal Tract.

According to the World Health Organization, probiotics are “live microorganisms which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.”

One capsule of Supreme Probiotics contains 4 billion cfu*:
• Lactobacillus acidophilus
• Bifidobacterium lactis
• Lactobacillus casei
• Lactobacillus rhamnosus

Research continues to discover the many body systems supported by the GI tract. Probiotics help maintain a healthy GI tract by:
• Inhibiting pathogenic bacteria
• Producing B vitamins
• Reducing inflammation and “leaky gut”
• Easing symptoms of diarrhea and constipation
• Supporting a healthy immune system
• Supporting healthy cholesterol levels**

Supreme Probiotics come in an easy-to-swallow, acid-resistance capsule. The acid-resistant capsule protects the probiotic organisms from stomach acids, delivering more probiotics to the intestines where they confer their beneficial effects. Indications for use include GI inflammation, allergies, and immune support.

** source:

 USA Made. DNA Supplements are manufactured to FDA compliance standards in a GMP certified facility.

Size: 60 Capsules 

Manufacturer’s Assurance
All DNA nutritional products are manufactured with 100% of label potency. 

 Required FDA disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to prevent, treat, cure, mitigate, or diagnose any disease.

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