Deluxe Muscled Spine Model (Made in USA) *1 Available*

Deluxe Muscled Spine Model (Made in USA) *1 Available*

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*Only 1 Available*
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Deluxe Muscled Spine Model

The following osseous structures are shown:
- Occiput to Coccyx
- 1st/2nd Ribs
- Left/Right Ilia
- Femur Heads

The following soft tissues are shown:
- Vertebral Artery
- Intervertebral Discs (IVD)
- L4/L5 Interchangeable Herniated Disc

The following neurological structures are shown:
- Spinal Nerves
- Brachial Plexus
- Hard and Soft Brain Stem
- Cerebellum
- Sciatic Nerves

The following muscles are shown:
- Suboccipital Triangle
- Scalenes
- Interspinalis
- Longus capitus
- Multifidus
- Intertransverse short/long rotators (thoracic region only)
- Erector Spinae
- Quadratus lumborum
- Iliacus
- Psoas Major
- Piriformis

*In addition to all the above this model also shows Facet Syndrome.

The stand is NOT included with this model.

Manufacturing and designing anatomically correct anatomy models has been our utmost concern. Making sure the product you receive will help you now and in the future whether it be in the learning stages of your career or as a professional in the field of health care.

Extensive research has gone into the product shown here and will continue into all new proto-types of future released models. We are proud of our team at American Anatomical Corporation for their dedicated craftsmanship and pride that goes into every model sold. The time spent on researching new product lines has been greatly influenced by professionals we have met throughout the world. We will continue to design and manufacture only the highest quality products.

Proudly manufactured in the United States of America!

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