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Cardio Ease BP
Cardio Ease BP

Biospec Cardio-Ease BP

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120 Capsules


Cardio-Ease BP is a high potency combination of Celery Seed Extract, Hawthorne Extract and Arjuna Bark Extract plus Hibiscus Sabdariffa Extract and Resveratrol to support cardiovascular function and help normalize blood pressure levels.*

  • Includes herbs with a long respected tradition as heart and circulatory tonics.*
  • Helps to maintain optimum circulation, blood pressure and cardiac function by promoting peripheral and coronary artery blood flow.*
  • Flavones from Hawthorne and Arjuna Bark are powerful botanicals for cardiovascular tissue.*
  • Research has shown specific herbs may benefit patients with hypertension, irregular heartbeat, angina and mild congestive failure.*

Cardio-Ease BP

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