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Zimmer Electrodes (Sold Per Box)

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Part Number:ZIMMER 111, 121, 131

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Zimmer Single-Use Electrodes
  •  Zimmer Electrodes are easy to use and cost effective.
  • Improve therapists' productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks such as washing, filing, and storing of single-patient electrodes as well as the applying of gel and the use of straps.
  • Simplify billing procedures by allocating costs to specific visits.
  • Eliminate expense of multiple packs in patient files.
  • Clinicians can save as much as 60% with our Single-Use electrodes. Please call for a complete cost analysis.

Zimmer Electrodes are Hygienic Single-Use Electrodes available in assorted sizes to fit most applications.

Zimmer Electrodes feature our PATENTED GLYCEROL COATING for maximum patient comfort and reduced skin irritation during pulsed current treatments.


111: Round (2.25") Box of 200

121: Small rectangle (1.25" x 1.5") Box of 400

131: Large rectangle (5" x 2.25") Box of 100

141: Square (2" x 2") Box of 200

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