Sago C+ (240 Grams)


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SAGO-C-PLUS is a high potency Vitamin C powder formulated to be used with allergy patients. The blending of Vitamin C and minerals produces a "Naturally buffered," hypoallergenic powder, that will virtually eliminate stomach distress normally associated with large doses of Vitamin C. SAGO-C-PLUS dissolves in water and yields a 6.7 pH solution. Or add to fruit juice, it makes a great tasting effervescent drink!

One Level Teaspoon Provides:

Vitamin C (buffered ascorbate)2350 mg
Calcium (ascorbate acid)450 mg
Magnesium (ascorbate)250 mg
Potassium (ascorbate)99 mg
Size: 240 grams of powder (Approx. 52 servings per bottle)

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