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Posture Right Soft
Posture Right Soft

The Posture Right® Soft Neck Orthotic

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Part Number:The Posture Right® Soft Neck Orthotic

It's the product that is revolutionizing cervical extension traction and receiving rave reviews across the globe. The Posture Right® by Neck Orthotic, Inc. is the curve that works, helping correct the loss of cervical curve and forward head posture. The Posture Right® is simple and it simply works for you and your patients.

The Posture Right® is unlike other neck-care products that are often expensive and cumbersome. The Posture Right® is an affordable and easy solution to many current neck-care products. Because of its light weight, easy adjustability and simple design, the Posture Right® encourages patients to participate in home traction care and take a more active role in cervical-curve correction.

The soft Posture Right® Neck Orthotic is a flex molded polyurethane foam using "closed cell" technology and is manufactured in the USA. It weighs 0.2 pounds, stands 5.3 inches high and 7.2 inches wide. This device is intended for a slightly less aggressive cervical extension traction and curve correction for those patients needing added comfort due to their age or degenerative 

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