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Orthex Relievers® Insoles

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Orthex Relievers® Insoles Foot Pain Relief Product: Cushion those blows by using Orthex? Relievers®Insoles in your shoes. There is relief from Orthex. Made of a soft viscoelastic material that won't "bottom out" under the weight of your body or with lots of wear, these insoles will cushion the shock that is created at heel strike. Reducing the shock will help to reduce the foot, leg, and back pain experienced during the day. A special surface tackiness adhesive keeps these foot pain relief insoles in place to prevent bunching at the toe area. A washable, breatheable, suede-like fabric in the foot insoles wicks moisture away from the bottom of the foot. Our foot insoles are guaranteed to reduce foot, leg, and low back pain for one full year or your money back. Stand up tall and breathe a sigh of relief. Stand up tall and breathe a sigh of relief. Orthex Relievers® Insoles sets you in motion, one step at a time.

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