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Nelmed Knee Wrap   (nel1168)
Nelmed Knee Wrap (nel1168)

Nelmed Knee Wrap (nel1168)

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Nelmed Knee Wrap Superior Comfort For Prolonged Use

The Nelmed Knee Wrap allows full range of movement and can withstand lots of use while providing moderate support. Helpful in mild cases of edema and postsurgical effusion. Gentle compression improves the ability to sense movement within joints and joint position. Solid panel construction with hook and loop closure conforms above and below the knee for a custom fit. One size fits most. Fits up to 22” thigh and calf comfortably. Machine washable.

TESTIMONIAL: “Although we all know not one thing will “cure” degenerative arthritis, I have found that the knee wrap has helped me walk the school hallways and around the training room. It is cool and light, and works great!” –Barbara Caton, IN

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NEL1168 Nelmed Knee Wrap

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