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Lobana Body Lotion Gallon
Lobana Body Lotion Gallon

Lobana Body Lotion Gallon

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Lobana Body Lotion

Has been widely used and preferred by health care professionals in prestigious facilities for many decades. The formula of Lobana Body Lotion incorporates a well balanced emulsifying system with humectants and emollients to help maintain natural skin moisture, prevent abnormal skin dryness and to attract moisture to dry, sensitive and/or compromised skin. Designed for complete body use, Lobana Body Lotion soothes and softens the dry, chapped skin of healthcare professionals, residents and patients alike. Lobana Body Lotion also offers a silky-smooth lubricity making it an exceptional massage vehicle for back rubs and total body massages. 


  • Time tested, highly effective
  • Specially formulated for use on dry, chapped, irritated skin
  • Silky-smooth massaging lubricity
  • Greaseless, absorbs completely
  • Skin feels soft, supple and refreshed
  • Provides maximum effectiveness
  • Aids in relieving the discomforts of dry, irritated skin...with its emollent-rich formulation.
  • Excellent for back and body massages..smoothes onto skin with a silky lubricity that offers soothing relief of dry skin and tired, sore muscles.
  • Easy and pleasant to use...greaseless, silky smooth, fresh and clean fragrance, absorbs into the skin.
  • Delivers maximum effectiveness to problem skin areas...contains a well-balanced emulsifing system with humectants.
  • Time tested and preferred...widely used and requested by Health Care Professionals.

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