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Elsstic Wrist Brace with Flexible Stays  (wst6850)
Elsstic Wrist Brace with Flexible Stays (wst6850)

Elastic Wrist Support with Flexible Stays (WST-6850)

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Elastic Wrist Brace With Flexible Stays Relief From Repetitive Motion Disorders

This brace supplements weak or tired wrist muscles and ligaments and helps provide proper support. Soft elastic construction with elastic compression strap for flexion and extension control. Hook and loop closure for easy adjustment. Spiral stays encased in vinyl provide flexible support and comfort without the bulk. S, M, L or XL, specify right or left.


  • Small 5½” - 6½”
  • Medium 6½” - 7½”
  • Large 7½” - 8½”
  • X-Large 8½” - 9½”

Item Description

WST6850 Elastic Wrist Brace with Flexible Stays

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