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Dynamic Nutritional Associates, Inc 

The "Wick Formula" by D.N.A. Laboratories, Inc. is a true breakthrough in tablet design, producing ultimate bioavailability and absorption. Each tablet contains a specially prepared cellulose web that literally transports moisture to the center of the tablet. The hydroscopic gentle disintegration of each tablet. This feature allows the body's enzymatic properties to concentrate on the contents of the tablet itself rather than wasting such energies on sold mass of material each time released tablet delivers nutrients at its particular receptor site to ensure assimilation.
  • Herbs are organically grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides.
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DNA Bromelain 1400
DNA Cal Mag 750
DNA Collagenell
DNA D-89-1 Ear Drops
DNA Ferrogen
DNA First Sign
DNA Immunell
DNA Optex
DNA Thymus Energizer 1 Oz.
DNA Tranquinell