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Core Delux Water Pillow (#294)
Core Delux Water Pillow (#294)

Core Deluxe Water Pillow

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Part Number:Core Products 294

Core Deluxe Water Pillow Excellent Support For A More Restful Night’s Sleep

The Core Deluxe Water Pillow provides the firm support of a therapeutic water pillow but now features an oval-shaped center to maximize comfort and cervical support. The oval-shaped displacement panel quiets the sound of water movement and cradles the head in a more comfortable and natural position. Unlike other water pillows without displacement panels, the Core Deluxe Water Pillow does not bulge or cause unnecessary stress on neck.

Versatile And Fully Adjustable

The Deluxe Water Pillow is recommended for anyone recovering from injury or concerned with maintaining spinal health. Water responds instantly when turning from a back to a side sleeping position and allows for a more restful sleep. Simply add or remove water from removable water chamber to achieve desired firmness and comfort. Sateen-striped cotton cover over a plush fiber lining feels cool and gentle on skin. Use it with or without the water chamber to help reduce headaches and snoring. 26”x 15” (66cm x 38cm)

  • Adjustable support for a more restful night’s sleep
  • Instantly responds to changes in sleeping position
  • Easy to fill removable water chamber

Item Description

FIB294 Core Deluxe Water Pillow

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