Comfort Core™ Backrest (bak451)

Comfort Core™ Backrest (bak451)

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Part Number:Core Products 451

Comfort Core™ Backrest - When You Want the Very Best

Low back pain can be a symptom of poor posture. Sitting creates the most stressful posture for your back. Help relieve your back pain with the proper support that the Comfort Core Backrest provides. Our backrest features a heavy duty plastic core to provide maximum support yet keeps a thin profile. The rigid core is layered with a breathable foam pad for comfort. Full back design is engineered to help achieve proper posture and support. Helps relieve pain and relax muscles. Includes a positioning belt to attach securely to your chair. Covered with polyester nylon blend. Available in Blue. 22” x 14” (56cm x 36cm)

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