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Representing our most concentrated and scientifically grounded products, Biospec’s ‘Signature Series’ Formulas contain ingredients shown empirically to address the specific metabolic factors responsible for the vast majority of chronic pain and disease.* These are not ‘laundry list’ formulas, but highly concentrated Nutraceuticals at effective clinical doses. Our approach is simple - use only the most effective ingredients in a product or protocol that patients can follow with ease. While some companies may require 4 to 6 individual products for a particular condition, we typically achieve the same degree of success (if not greater) with 1 or 2 Signature Series Formulas.* Including nutrition to address the common metabolic imbalances you treat every day such as Systemic Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, Osteoarthritis, Poor Digestion, Insulin Resistance, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, and Hormone Imbalance among others, need no longer be confusing, cumbersome, or overly costly. Our formulas are crafted with the patients of today in mind.

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Biospec Adapt-Adren
Biospec Ad-Focus HP
Biospec Andro-XY Plus
Biospec Arterial Ease 60 Capsules
Biospec Bio-Acid HP
Biospec Bio-Cal 1200 100 Tablets
Biospec Bio-Cal 1200 250 Tablets
Biospec Biocalcin
Biospec Bio-C-Plex
Biospec Bio-DHEA - 25
Biospec Bio-E-400
Biospec Bio-Flex II 120 Tablets
Biospec Bio-Flex II 240 Tablets
Biospec Biozyme
Biospec Co-Q-Sol 100 CF
Biospec Dysbi Ease
Biospec Essential Oils
Biospec Estro-Ease
Biospec Fibro Ease 120 Tablets
Biospec Fibro Ease 240 Tablets
Biospec Fibro Ease 60 Tablets
Biospec Gastri-Ease HP
Biospec Glucose IR 120 Capsules
Biospec Inflam 95 180 Capsules
Biospec Inflam-95 60 Capsules
Biospec IP-Ease 14 oz. powder
Biospec Metabospec
Biospec Methyl B-12 2000
Biospec Methyl-Ease HP
Biospec Mito Detox III 60 Tablets
Biospec Mood Ease
Biospec Omega-3 1000
Biospec Osteo-Max K-2
Biospec Panzyme
Biospec Para-Clear
Biospec Phosphatidyl Serine 100
Biospec Primrose Oil 1300
Biospec Probiotic-15
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