Baby Hugger Sympy Support (BBH-6904)
Baby Hugger Sympy Support reg-xl (bbh6904)

Baby Hugger Sympy Support (BBH-6904)

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When you are pregnant, your body seems out of whack. As your baby grows within, your ligaments stretch. Your back aches.

What a difference a pregnancy back support belt can make.

SymphySupport’s vertical design offers stability and pain relief for symphysis pubis pain -- separation of the cartilage joint uniting the pubic bones – with a vertically designed belt. This strap also lifts the perineum to help relieve that "falling out feeling."

Until now, symphysis pubis separation (separation of the cartilage joint uniting the pubic bones) has been a terribly painful and largely unsolved problem. Girdling and cinching straps don’t work well, often sliding up when the wearer walks.

The solution? A pregnancy back support belt that puts pressure on the cartilage joint uniting the pubic bones, facilitating fibers that pull the joint together.

SymphySupport attaches to BabyHuggerLil’Lift or BetterBinder.

Washing Instructions:  Hand wash and hang to dry.

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