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 Youth Patient Gown   size 8-10  (pro958)
Youth Patient Gown size 8-10 (pro958)

Youth Patient Gown Size 8-10 (pro959)

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Part Number:Core Products 959 8-10

Youth Patient Gown

Ideal for young patients, this fun Youth Gown may help kids relax. Hook and loop closure is easy for kids to use, while providing accessibility. Constructed with the same high quality, cotton/polyester material as our adult gowns, but featuring a playful print for children. (Print may vary.) Comfortable, washable and durable. Available in S/M (sizes 4 - 6) or L/XL (sizes 8 - 10).

Item Description

PRO958 Youth Gown - S/M

PRO959 Youth Gown - L/XL

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